Initial situation

  • Too many interruptions by delivery companies in the Salt stores
  • Every delivery separate
  • Repairs separate
  • Returns were declined by employees
  • No information visible about availability and deliveries on the next day


  • Reduction of individual disruptive factors
  • Minimization of employee involvement in the delivery process and providing relief to employees
  • Delivery at off-peak hours
  • Better overview of pending deliveries


  • Bit by bit: Simultaneous taking back of repairs, returns and call-backs
  • Consistent IMEI tracking: Communication of the IMEI numbers to the Salt cash register system
  • Order notification

Customer benefits

  • Error-free delivery via IMEI number tracking
  • Store employees can focus on sales and customer care
  • Reduction of costs and resources (receiving/ returns)
  • One contact partner for all needs (SPOC)