Initial situation

  • Despite outsourcing of the production, too strong of an operative control by Swisscom
  • Overlapping of activities (double-tracked)
  • Misunderstandings and inefficiencies
  • No unified processes and tools


  • Simplification of proce dures
  • More assembly flexibility
  • Prevention of stock-outs
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Reduction of unit costs
  • Clear division of responsibilities


  • Outsourcing of the entire production planning
  • Range calculation based on key figures such as inventories, forecasts, sales, etc.
  • Planning software including automated alerting
  • Comprehensive flow production

Customer benefits

  • High flexibility with just-in-time production
  • Reduction of stock holding costs for end products & components
  • Reduction of unit costs
  • Timely interaction in the event of imminent stockout
  • Resource economization