Initial situation

  • No online shop present
  • Comprehensive assort ment already in stock at ALSO
  • Duplicated logistics costs
  • ALSO expertise in e-commerce & IT market


  • Build-up of a successful new channel for Media Markt
  • Less fixed capital because of access to ALSO commercial range
  • Professional partner for entire forward and reverse logistics
  • Outsourcing and costs variabilization


  • ALSO responsible for all logistic processes
  • Full connectivity to interfaces
  • Merging of the ALSO retail and Media Markt product range
  • Comprehensive offering from general postal mail to stock deliveries
  • Returns management

Customer benefits

  • Successful launching of the Omni channel
  • Flexible portfolio expansion without additional in ventory increase
  • Long-term partnership with reliable service providers in e-commerce
  • Up-to-the-minute system data (availability)
  • High process quality

„Together with ALSO we successfully launched our Media Markt Online Shop in Switzerland. ALSO not only stood by our side during the implementation, they also have proven to be a reliable e-commerce partner, ensuring the smooth flow of our logistics processes which leads to very satisfied Media Markt Online customers.“

Jordan Bellazzini
Media Markt E-Commerce