Open your own web shop!

ALSO myStore is the proven online shop solution with approximately 60,000 products from the ALSO product range. We offer different shop editions that are tailored to your own requirements. Start now with your own professional shop system (B2B and B2C) including individually configurable prices, shopping baskets and designs. We also offer extensive know-how, software and consulting.


Note: If you do not have an ALSO login yet, please contact the myStore Team on tel. +41 41 266 13 33

On a daily basis

Automatic updating of the ALSO product range including purchase prices

Easy shipping

Direct shipping to your customers, and on request we can include your own delivery note and logo

Product data included

Receive professional content data from CNET, the world's largest data provider

Secure ordering process

With data transmission encrypted via SSL, your customers can benefit from a secure ordering process

Work from anywhere and manage your ALSO myStore conveniently via your web browser at any time. List your store on the popular price search engines, such as, and grow your customer base. Create additional sub-shops to sell products that are independent of each other in different online shops. These are just a few of the shop highlights.

ALSO myStore shop functions

Web-based shop system

Location-independent administration via the browser (no installation required)

ALSO product range

Approx. 60,000 items from 80 manufacturers.

Multi-client capability

Customer-specific sales catalogues with individual price calculation.

Modular principle with adaptable design

Set-up, colours, fonts – flexible visual design (no programming knowledge required)

Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)

Online marketing of electronic software media – learn more about this subject!

Multishop functionality

Option to use several designs for specific large customers, for example

Interface to Enterprise Resource Planning systems

e.g. Sage, SAP R/3, Lexware and MKS Goliath etc.

Shipping on behalf of third parties (dropshipping)

Direct delivery to end customer with individual delivery note and logo

Accessory search

Convenient supplies finder with professionally maintained cross-selling products

Marketing instruments

Top sellers, banners, promotion codes and gift vouchers

Electronic payment options

e.g. credit card, Giropay, direct debit, online transfer (PayPal, instant transfer ...)

Special functions for business customers

Authorisation workflow, assignment of permissions, price queries, cost centre and budget administration

Success statistics

Sales development, ordering behaviour, item evaluation and general key figures

SSL encryption

Secure data transmission

The ALSO myStore shop system is available with three different configuration levels. The Business Edition for the simple and quick way to launch your online shop. The Premium Edition with enhanced functions and our Professional Edition incorporating all the power of the shop system! Multishop capability, option items and multiple language templates are just some of the highlights.

ALSO myStore fees

  Business Premium
Shop hire
CHF 2'400.- CHF 3'950.-
CHF 350.- CHF 350.-
CMS Pro extension
CHF 350.- CHF 350.-

Comparison of performance features

1. General Business Premium
Create and manage your own items (in addition to the ALSO Schweiz portfolio) 500 10.000
Number of sales catalogues (different customer price tables) 3 6
Number of languages 1 3
Max. sales – item (combination of all sales catalogues/items) 100.000 500.000
2. Product data provided Business Premium
Approx. 60,000 products from the ALSO Schweiz portfolio yes yes
Product group structure yes yes
Item description yes yes
Individual purchase prices yes yes
Accessory references yes yes
Several images/data sheets (CNET content data) yes yes
Stock level data incl. online stock level queries yes yes
3. Fulfilment services Business Premium
Direct delivery to end customer yes yes
ViND (shipping with your own delivery note incl. logo) yes yes
4. Shop management Business Premium
Remote training by shop provider yes yes
Inclusion of logo and settings for colours/fonts yes yes
Support via ticket system yes yes
Hosting yes yes
Monitoring (24/7 server monitoring) yes yes
Extended monitoring (shop availability with automatic notification of technical team in the event of anomalies) no yes
Daily backup of data yes yes
Automatic updating of functions and design yes yes
Own domain possible yes yes
5. Front-end functions Business Premium
Catalogue overview / manufacturer directory yes yes
Customer account (order history / notes /...) yes yes
Several notes per user account no yes
Product agencies (desired price, availability notification) yes yes
Several delivery/invoice addresses can be managed for each customer account yes yes
Trusted Shops (pre-certified) yes yes
Search engine optimisation (appropriate URLs, image compression, JS/CSS compression, ...) yes yes
Payment methods depending on the value and customer group yes yes
Delivery methods depend on the weight and value yes yes
Product comparison yes yes
Save/load shopping basket no yes
Time-dependent delivery methods no yes
Quick ordering function no yes
6. Search Business Premium
Search by item no. / host item no. / EAN code yes yes
Full text search yes yes
7. Administration functions Business Premium
Calculation rules / fixed prices yes yes
Rounding function for sales prices (configurable) yes yes
Customer administration yes yes
Order processing yes yes
Edit orders (e.g. add and remove items) yes yes
Order entry (manual entry of an order in administration) no yes
Electronic order transmission to ALSO at the click of a button yes yes
Automatic order status update for transmitted ALSO orders (incl. parcel tracking) yes yes
Mail templates (adaptable) no yes
Automatic document creation (delivery note, order confirmation...) no yes
Administration of several users with different rights no yes
Group mapping (create own product group structure) no yes
Automatic text replacement (e.g. "HDD" becomes "hard disk drive") no yes
User-defined database fields (e.g. for additional fields when registering) no yes
Item editing (edit imported products) no yes
Item administration for creating/maintaining your own products no yes
8. Design Business Premium
Create/edit text and content boxes yes yes
Adjust colours and fonts yes yes
Shop behaviour settings include around 200 parameters yes yes
Media management for images, documents and shop graphics yes yes
Product group-related images/text no yes
Individual design adjustments can be commissioned no yes
Responsive design (smartphone, phablet, tablet, desktop) no yes
9. Statistics Business Premium
Page views (which shop functions were used) yes yes
Key figures (visitors / page views / sales) yes yes
Item evaluation (by manufacturer / product group / price range) no yes
Order evaluation (comparison with previous period) no yes
Reference analysis (where the visitors came from) no yes
Click/cost analysis (which price search engine/campaign is most effective) no yes
10. Marketing Business Premium
Top sellers, special offers, new products and home page items yes yes
Create additional promo lists no yes
Banner management yes yes
Maintain SEO / meta tags yes yes
Automatic Google site map export no yes
Gift vouchers no yes
Promotion codes no yes
Product vouchers no yes
Export for Google Merchant Center no yes
Automatic cross-selling based on rules no yes
Multishop capability (different domains / designs / prices) no yes
11. Export functions Business Premium
Standard item exports yes yes
Individual price search engine exports/price lists 5 20
Individual customer/user exports no yes
Individual order exports no yes
12. Internationality Business Premium
Template text in multiple languages no yes
Country-dependent shipping/payment methods no yes
Currency conversion no yes
13. Interfaces with security and payment systems Business Premium
Online payment systems PayPal, Skrill, instant transfer, Six Payment Services PayPal, Skrill, instant transfer, Six Payment Services
Legally secure text JanoLaw, Händlerbund, Supported Protected Shops JanoLaw, Händlerbund, Supported Protected Shops
Shop evaluation Trusted Shops Trusted Shops

Additional enhancements (possible for Business and Premium)

Power Search incl. Live Search
(annual cost CHF 600.-)
Business Premium
Error-tolerant search yes yes
Weighting per data field yes yes
Creation of synonyms yes yes
Evaluation of search terms with/without hits yes yes
Direct linking yes yes
Weighting rules (manufacturer, product group) yes yes
B2B / eProcurement – package
(annual cost CHF 800.-)
Business Premium
Additional 5 sales catalogues yes yes
Query/quotation module yes yes
1-level authorisation workflow yes yes
Checking/approval process for registrations yes yes
Prepared for eProcurement (OCI interface, BMEcat export) yes yes
Storage of quantities and comments in the notes yes yes
Roles/rights system (individually configurable) yes yes
Personalisation (sales employee / contact person / logo) yes yes
Customer conditions (max. 10,000) yes yes
Query/quotation module yes yes
Prepared for eProcurement (OCI interface, BMEcat export) yes yes
View employees' shop orders yes yes
(annual cost CHF 400.-)
Business Premium
Configurations and options lists (without dependencies) yes yes
Checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and text fields yes yes
Grouping of content yes yes
Definition of max. quantity and fixed price per item yes yes
Preselected item yes yes
Own description for each item yes yes
es:config pro
(annual cost CHF 400.- per configurator)
Business Premium
Configurations with dependencies at 4 levels yes yes
Copy configurators and modules yes yes
Plausibility check during the configuration step yes yes
Definition of properties and dependencies yes yes
Dependencies across several levels yes yes
Data security of a complete configuration yes yes
Editability of a configuration in the shopping basket yes yes
Interfaces Annual costs Set-up price
Set-up OCI interface (per interface)   CHF 350.-
ERP interface - Standard   CHF 500.-
ERP interface - Premium   CHF 1'500.-
Set-up BMEcat (per export format)   at cost
Services Annual costs Set-up price
Extended set-up package (+90 min. remote + 6 hours design)   CHF 600.-
One-day of training (plus travel costs)   CHF 1'200.-
Workshop (plus travel costs)   CHF 2'100.-
Design adjustments   at cost
Functional programming   at cost
Marketing – packages   at cost

Beyond the performance scope of the ALSO myStore editions, we offer additional optional services and special functions. These special services can represent a solution for your special online shop project. Discover our ALSO Power Search and the Supplies Finder.

Optional ALSO myStore services

Power Search incl. Live Search

The Power Search is a very powerful enhancement to the standard search function available in the shop. The search is error-tolerant so that search terms which correspond generally with the entered word can also be found. The list of search hits is weighted according to relevance.

Supplies Finder

The Supplies Finder enables an interested customer to quickly and reliably find the consumables that he needs for his printer in the online shop. All the ink and toner products that correspond with the user's device are displayed. It gives a new dimension to the term cross-selling.

ALSO myStore B2B functions

ALSO myStore provides special functions for mapping processes for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Furthermore, the customer's procurement systems, for example, can access the shop directly. ALSO myStore can thus be perfectly integrated into the existing system.

Connection to your customer's procurement systems

You can connect your customers' procurement systems as standard to ALSO myStore via the OCI interface. Your customer can therefore benefit from all the shop's features. With ALSO myStore, you can also export price files in BMEcat format.

Multi-level authorisation workflow

Shopping baskets above a configurable value limit can be forwarded within a customer organisation to an "authoriser" (e.g. purchasing department). Several value levels can be stored so that an order which exceeds a specific amount must also be authorised by the Managing Director, for example, before it can be released.

Rights and roles system

A role can be assigned within the shop to each user. This role defines the rights that are available to the user within the shop. Therefore an employee can have limited rights, although the Head of Purchasing can have full access.

Customer-specific prices and product ranges

You can create customer-specific price lists in ALSO myStore. You can also control which products and manufacturers are displayed to the customer. Furthermore, you can compile product ranges that relate to your customer's individual projects.

B2B package

  • 5 additional sales catalogues
  • Query/quotation module
  • Authorisation workflow
  • Checking/approval process for customer registration
  • Prepared for eProcurement (OCI interface, BMEcat export)

Besides the 1-level support, our ALSO myStore Team also offers a comprehensive all-round service for optimal use of the shop system. Contact us regarding your specific topic by telephone or e-mail.

Services for ALSO myStore


Depending on your requirements, we take on the management of the item and product groups, for example, or the settings for shipping and payment methods in the Admin area.

Design adjustments

The service incorporates the following points: Analysis of your existing corporate design, structure/layout, adjustment of colours and fonts, integration of the company logo. We will prepare a quotation for you!

Online training

The online training includes the following subjects: File import, price calculation, customer administration, design settings, product promotions, content management and the creation of additional items.


Success based on a strategy. We are happy to advise you with regard to the best way to position your online shop on the market, how to best present your web shop or drive your e-business forward.

There are three procedures for setting up your ALSO myStore. From the independent set-up of your online shop through to professional project planning and implementation.

Setting up an ALSO myStore

ALSO myStore set-up it yourself

Use the simple adjustment options of ALSO myStore and use your own know-how to set it up. Use the handbook and start guide and set up your ALSO myStore by yourself.

Shop set-up with the help of our services

To make it easier to set up your ALSO myStore, you can attend our online training course to obtain a quick overview of the most important functions and set-up options, for example. We will also be happy to make design adjustments for you.

Project management and project implementation

From the idea through to go-live – success begins with professional project planning. Our experts establish your requirements and develop practical solutions together with you in order to achieve your goals.

Professional project planning and design through to go-live

Do you want to branch out into e-commerce but lack the necessary know-how or a targeted concept? Or do you have this already but need a professionally planned implementation? In a workshop together with our specialists from sales, design and technology, we will discuss all the relevant topics with you. You will then receive a specification and a design concept for your online shop.

We will be happy to prepare a corresponding quotation for your workshop together with our specialists and will agree upon a convenient date with you.

Do you want to hand over the design modifications to us?
We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and create an individual proposal!

The following shop designs were implemented by ALSO at the request of our customers and at their cost:

Please note that the logos and names have been removed for reasons of data protection.

Demo shop - Standard (factory setting)

Here you can view the current standard design that will be provided when you order your ALSO myStore.

Based on a variety of settings you can adapt it in line with your requirements.

Demo shop – ALSO Design

Here you can see the ALSO myStore that has been modified to the ALSO design.
The modifications were carried out using the design parameters and via CSS.

The following payable add-on modules have been activated:

  • Power Search (incl. Live Search)
  • Responsive design
  • Product advisor
  • Supplies search
  • Expanded CNET content data (Detailed data sheet incl. additional item images)
  • CMS Pro


Can the shop be modified in line with my corporate identity?

The shop system offers extensive design setting options, so that the shop can be modified to match your existing corporate identity. This means that the shop system can integrate optimally into your existing sales and marketing concept. ALSO Schweiz AG works in the background (support and service) although this is not shown in your online shop.

Can/must the complete ALSO Schweiz portfolio be imported?

With the initial set-up, the complete ALSO Schweiz product range is first imported. The use of import filters and calculations enables you, as the shop operator, to filter by individual items, manufacturers or product groups, and to display or hide these according to your requirements.

Can it be listed with price search engines (e.g.Toppreise)?

With the Premium Version or higher, you can create individual item exports. You can do this during set-up and adapt them to the requirements of the export recipient (e.g. customers or price search engines).

Can different prices be calculated for different customer groups?

Using the intuitive calculation tool you can create sales catalogues for different customers or customer groups, in which you can store individual calculations or fixed prices.

Is it possible to deliver direct to the customer (dropshipping/ViND)?

Our dropshipping service can be used in conjunction with the ALSO myStore system. We can also include your company's own delivery note upon request (ViND).

How are orders transferred from the shop system to ALSO Schweiz?

With just a few clicks, you can forward an order from the Admin area of the ALSO myStore system to the ALSO Schweiz ERP system via an integrated interface.

Can I use a separate web address (URL)?

As standard, the shop is supplied under the following URL: However, you can choose to forward your shop to another web address (URL). To do so, you simply register your required URL and then inform us accordingly.

Do I need to install software on my computer?

The shop system was designed in such a way that you can manage it at any time and from anywhere. You simply access the shop system via your Internet browser. Therefore you do not need to install any software.

Can I create my own items?

With the Premium Version and higher, you can choose to include your own items in addition to the existing ALSO Schweiz portfolio.

You can test the entire administrator interface here! Simply click on the relevant image to try out the user interface or the administrator interface.

ALSO myStore test shop

User interface

Administrator interface


Please note that the changes you make in the test shop are reset every day and several users can access the administrator interface at the same time.

The administrator interface is used for administration and is password-protected. We will be happy to provide you with the access data on request. To do so, simply contact us by e-mail or telephone, specifying your customer number.

Contact us!

You can contact us from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

ALSO myStore Team
E-Business Department

+41 41 266 13 33