We will inform you whenever necessary! With our ALSO NOVA service you secure your renewable business.

With ALSO NOVA, we offer you a new ALSO service for the renewal of licenses and care packs. We will inform you on time about expiring products. This ensures that your customer remains your customer.

The service is activated, what next?

Depending on the manufacturer, you will receive an e-mail with a suitable renewal offer 30-90 days before the expiry date. In many cases, different renewal options are available, which are listed as options in the offer. Do you need professional advice? Contact your ALSO expert listed in the offer or order directly by answering the E-Mail.

I want to change the recipient's address, how do I do that?

In the ALSO NOVA Renewal Manager you can set which renewals should be sent to which address. You can send to any number of e-mail addresses, e. g. to your functional E-Mail adress (e.g. licences@reseller.com) for renewals.

Now configure your personal Renewal business (Bitte vorher einloggen.)

You will receive uniform ALSO NOVA e-mails and offers for all manufacturers.
From April 2019 for ADOBE, HP Enterprise and SOPHOS, further manufacturers will follow.

We will send you directly quotes with your current prices - this saves you the need to obtain a quotation from us.
Order with reference to the offer or ask our experts for advice on the offered Options.

"Take proactive care of your existing customers - with ALSO NOVA
you know what expires when with which customer."

Free of charge and revenue generating
The ALSO NOVA service is free of charge for you.
Increase your sales with licenses and carepacks.

Early on
We will be the first to inform you about upcoming renewals.
Play your time advantage and secure the Business.

Determine which products and manufacturers are of interest to you.
You define to which e-mail addresses we send you which offers.


You have the choice!
For our service, you can contact your personal contact at ALSO Schweiz AG, but our experts from the manufacturer team can also help you with this.