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ALSO Workplace as a Service

WaaS is easily scalable, flexible and simplified IT – hardware, software, cloud services, financing and support, all managed within the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. As a partner, all of this is at your fingertips as an on-demand solution.

Workplace as a Service is a unique one-stop solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises with IT needs. Hardware, software, licences, services, financing and support come integrated in a single package. WaaS stands for easily scalable, flexible and simplified IT for SMEs, with a transparent monthly price in a single invoice, all managed within the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace is not a service catalogue. It's a fully integrated management platform with automated provisioning for instant delivery to customers.

Benefits for partners

  • A functioning IT environment for your customer within minutes
    Deliver a complete, easily managed, scalable and secure laptop and mobile solution to your customer via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.
  • No upfront investments
    Provide services on-demand to your customer with no upfront investment.
  • Transparent, managed and predictable monthly costs
    Deliver software services as your customer needs them and hardware for as long as your customer wants.
  • Automation for back-office management
    Ordering, invoicing, asset, life-cycle, and licence management made easy via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.
  • Increased customer value
    Thanks to the ability to focus more on sales and customer relations, you can add your own expertise and value to the package.
  • The best of the physical and digital worlds
    Enjoy the convenience of easily bundling services with other best-of-breed cloud solutions to create seamless, value-added service offerings.
  • Extraordinary support
    Support for all services available.
Build the IT solution your customer needs easily within the ALSO Cloud Marketplace at no upfront cost. Join the ALSO Cloud Marketplace now and contact our sales team for more information on Workplace as a Service!