oneclick™ is now available from the ALSO Cloud Marketplace!

oneclick™ - the Application Delivery and Streaming Platform as a Service

Via oneclick™ you can deliver applications as a stream from any server location (on-premise, public cloud, private cloud) into a central, 100% web-based workspace in the browser.

oneclick™ is now available from the ALSO Cloud Marketplace!


  • Supported Systems (OS): Windows, Terminal and Unix as well as websites.
  • Gateway service to all common remote, terminal and web protocols.
  • No need for any software component installation on servers for remote access from oneclick™.
  • Automated provision of IT resources.
  • Ensure accurate and up to date licensing, even with distributed locations and employees.
  • Web Access Protection with single sign-on, login rules and multi-factor authentication.
  • Protection through several DDoS and IDS/IPS solutions, incl. firewall, WAF, SSL/TLS.
  • High performance backbone infrastructure for stream delivery.
  • Extremely fast and robust streaming protocol, stable connection also with low bandwidth.

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