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Work with the ease and enjoyment of a smartphone

Single sign-on access to company data and applications

Single Sign-on-Zugang zu Unternehmensdaten und -anwendungen

MyWindow® offers organisations and employees a new way of working: more efficient, easier and more enjoyable. Based on the smartphone experience, MyWindow® uses tiles to provide easy access to servers, data and applications on any device. It even includes direct booting capabilities. The layout is easy to change and adjustable, and you only need to log in once.

MyWindow® advantages

  • Easy to navigate thanks to tiles with recognisable icons
  • Information is specifically targeted towards individual users or groups
  • Clear platform structure, 100% responsive
  • Content can be customised to a person, group or department
  • Tiles show current information, such as unread e-mails and tasks
  • Access to multiple systems or combinations
  • Personalised, simple navigation
  • Seamless connection to cloud-based solutions, Office 365, Azure and on-premise SharePoint


MyWindow® offers powerful opportunities for the flexible arrangement of the online working environment. It’s not the software that takes centre stage, but the user’s wishes: working with lists and tasks, alerts, act and accomplish, and smart tiles that combine information from various systems. The tiles offer easy access to files, e-mail, calendar, tasks, workflows, forms and applications, such as document and content management systems. Additionally, the tiles continuously show current information about e-mails, agenda items, tasks to be carried out and more.

Three categories

The only thing set in MyWindow® is the logical division of information across three categories: company information, position-oriented information and personal information. Each category has a starting screen in its own colour, which displays the tiles. MyWindow® is completely responsive: categories are aligned vertically on smartphones, and horizontally on tablets, PCs and desktops. Users can change the colours and positions of the tiles as they see fit.

  1. Company information
    Apps and tiles that are important to everyone within the organisation, such as news, announcements, rules and standards. All employees are shown the same content. They also get HR information, such as applications for leave and pension information.
  2. Position-oriented information
    This shows tiles related to a position or department. The content varies per group or department. Because of this, it is linked to a user login code. Another role for the same user automatically means other tiles on his or her screen.
  3. Personal information
    This section can be arranged as the user sees fit. Think of tiles for current projects, blogs, colleagues, relations, traffic information or specific news.

Opportunities for resellers

The smartphone is a key part of everyone’s identity and life, both personal and professional. With Triple A’s MyWindow®, organisations can offer targeted information and have employees work on any device, based on the optimal smartphone experience. MyWindow® runs on Azure in combination with Office 365. For resellers, this offers plenty of opportunities and possibilities, depending on the software used within an organisation.