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MetaShare will replace your old file server: Now available in ALSO Cloud Marketplace!


As part of Microsoft’s Office 365, MetaShare will unlock the document management possibilities of SharePoint and add value for resellers in their sales and support. Many customers and end-users are concerned with the complexity in today’s archiving, and MetaShare is designed to make the work and collaboration around all kinds of documents much easier and less time consuming.

MetaShare has been developed over the last two years as an add-on solution to Office 365/SharePoint, to structure, streamline and make organizations’ document workflows time-saving and more easy to use. MetaShare leads to faster ROI with a unique and intuitive approach to document management, based on its content rather than where it is stored.

MetaShare is developed by Ways Sweden who focuses on document management and increasing work efficiency. Ways’ solutions eliminate information silos and provide quick and easy access to the right content.

MetaShare has previously, since 2010, been a large company license solution, but is now, beginning 2016, offered as flexible low monthly fee-based online solution.

MetaShare services are now available in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. This will provide resellers with a new tool to help organizations using Office 365 unlock the possibilities of SharePoint and empower their collaboration workflows.

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