As we expand our offerings to the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, we look forward to providing their network and channel partners with the right tools to maximize their success.

Try 1 month for free!

Try 1 month for free!

We’ve put together an exciting promotion for those who wish to try Chloe: 1 month of free service.

Chloe, the artificial intelligence application was designed to provide businesses with solutions that will allow them to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction. She’s powered by NLP, graph algorithms and ML to automate customer service and enable businesses to grow faster.

Below are a few benefits you will receive from using Chloe

  • Voice powered interface that enables users to talk to system
  • Navigation through your website
  • Chloe works with web chat, sms, email and social media
  • Answering questions in natural language about specific products/services such as "Where can I find your latest catalogs?" or “What’s your nearest store location?”
  • Answering frequently asked questions

You can visit the ALSO Cloud Marketplace to learn more about Chloe!

Attend Sundown AI’s webinar
Attend our webinar to learn more about Chloe, the artificial intelligence platform that automates customer service, and her features, plus you can watch a live demo.
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*Conditions of the Promotion
Promotion only applies for monthly subscriptions up to €1000. Implementation/Training costs are not included.