TH&P helps businesses to protect their investments in Information Technology and to provide a cleaner, more hygienic environment for staff to work in. As market leader we are cleaning the IT office equipment for leading companies. Our professional, fully trained and qualified technicians are able to thoroughly clean every piece of IT equipment in the office. This is done using the latest techniques and specialist equipment designed by our self to improve the hygiene, reliability and safety of equipment, and of course only using approved computer cleaning products specific to Information Technology.

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Deep cleansing of a keyboard by TH&P includes the following activities: The dirt on, between and beneath the keys will be removed using compressed air. After this process, the specialist takes the keyboard out of the collector and sprays a Biobased cleaning product on the keyboard. A fine brush will be used to clean and remove stubborn dirt between the keys.For optimal result the Biobased cleaning product will be sprayed on the keyboard again. A washable microfiber wipe will be used for cleaning the whole keyboard. Thereafter a new microfiber wipe and compressed air will be used to dry the keyboard. Finally the keyboard will be treated with a coating. This coating will preserve the level of hygiene accomplished by the deep cleansing for a longer period. The mouse, monitor, telephone, CPU-unit, notebook and other equipment will be cleaned according to the same process. Not all of these devices require the use of compressed air.

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