Sundown AI

Sundown AI builds Artificial Intelligence applications that are powered by NLP, graph algorithms and machine learning. They automate customer service and sales via existing business suites to help companies grow. As opposed to their main competitor IBM’s Watson, Sundown AI’s system is more data efficient, and smarter. They provide companies with business solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Sundown AI

Top Services

Chloe, is an artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses grow through the automation of customer service and sales. She’s powered by NLP, graph algorithms and machine learning that allow her to answer repetitive questions from emails, texts, chats, and social media. Chloe is able to learn from experiences with new information and become smarter over time.


  • Policy graph provides logic to actions and complex workflows
  • Linguistic layer to connect systems
  • Automation of training without supervision
  • Suited for small business as well as enterprise
  • Semantic variability using natural language

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