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Sundown AI builds AI Automation Applications that are powered by NLP, graph algorithms and machine learning. They automate human repetitive tasks via existing business suites to help companies grow. Chloe, an AI automation layer, provides companies with business solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Sundown AI

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Chloe is an Artificial Intelligence layer that automates tasks and delivers efficient customer service in real time. Chloe creates a semantic graph that replicates the company’s interactions with customers through different communication channels.

As requests are received, Chloe uses NLP to parse and understand the customer’s request. Once the intent is identified, Chloe uses graph algorithms to identify the right action to take to close out the task. When Chloe encounters new tasks with new information, she uses machine learning to evolve.

Below are a few benefits you will receive from using Chloe:

  • Policy graph that adds logic to actions and company workflows
  • Linguistic layer to connect systems
  • Automation of training without supervision
  • Faster, cheaper, and more accurate than using deep learning
  • Semantic variability using natural language
  • Handles and processes unstructured data

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