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Stroka Business Group

The Stroka Business Group is a specialised company providing quick and effective IT solutions for companies and organizations. It successfully offers maintenance and support to more than 850 clients by further adding to its own know-how and creativity through cooperation with renowned software developers, such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Symantec… The company is based in Radlje ob Dravi, Slovenia and it employs 54 IT and business experts in its headquarter and offices in Ljubljana - Crystal Palace and Trzin and in Subsidiary office in Tirana – Albania.

Stroka Business Group

Top Services

Signature 365 is an effective application for central management of employees’ e-mail signatures in Microsoft Outlook mail client. Solution enables employees to introduce themselves in tune with company’s overall visual image and with all the necessary data required in business communication. In addition to presenting basic employee data, email signatures can include various other elements, such as contact information, promotional banner, important company PR messages, slogans, etc. The email signature can also be used as an excellent marketing tool for advertising current promotional notifications and events, as well as items on sale.

To implement the Signature 365 solution, company needs Outlook 2013 (or a later version) and an internet connection. There are no special infrastructure requirements, and the user also doesn’t need to set up any dedicated infrastructure. Using it and administrating it is simple.