StayOn is a Norway-based cloud service distributor located in Aalesund. Our cloud services (Virtual Servers, FilBox, Online Backup and Veeam® Cloud Connect) are delivered through partners and as a “sell through” model.


Top Services

StayOn have established a state of the art server park located in Aalesund, Norway.

As of May 2017, our cloud services include:

  • Virtual Servers
  • Filbox
  • Online Backup
  • Veeam Cloud Connect

StayOn solely offers and delivers our cloud services through registered partners as a “sell trough” model. All our cloud services can be branded/white labeled and are presented and delivered to end customers with each partner’s unique name, logo, design a.m.

All cloud services are fully handled by our partners through our partner portal and offers a self-service interface for product provisioning and deliverance.

All our cloud services have a low cost “pay as you go” model as offered to our partners. The end customer offerings and prices differ from partner to partner.

StayOn have by May 2017, approx. 40 registered partners located all over Norway.