Share Control develops out-of-the-box solutions for SharePoint. Our Add-ins are designed for SharePoint on Office 365. Office 365 provides one of the best platforms for collaboration, and with Share Control you’ll have all your corporate documents, accounting documentation and contracts, organized and properly stored. We have solutions for finance, board and contract, along with a solution for small business.

We believe that the future is the cloud, where information is easily accessible from anywhere, and where the data is owned by you, and protected by Microsoft, one of the best security providers. You get an organized way to work with your documents, full insight and control over all your content. Your company will benefit from the gained efficiency at reduced costs. We’ll help you utilize your Office 365.


Top Services

Share Control Basic and Basic +
For any small business that wants to organize their documents and collaborate in the cloud. It comes with several standard document libraries and the ability to create additional for your own needs. These products are a lightweight version of ShareControl Finance, Board and Contract.

Share Control Finance
The corporate finance solution helps streamline work processes and improve internal document control. Comes with the complete set of document libraries and functionalities available in ShareControl, with focus on collaboration, ideal for departments that want to manage their documentation and deadlines. Our knowledge base also provides access to advanced Excel reconciliation and specification spreadsheets, to improve closing processes and to give better insight in different accounts.

Share Control Board
Store all your Board related documentation and meetings in one place. Easy access for all Board members, no need to send files over e-mail. Includes a dashboard that shows you recently held meetings and upcoming meetings, with easy access to each meetings files.

Share Control Contract
Store and manage all your contracts in one place. Managing contracts is an essential task in any business. The Add-in helps you organize your contracts and track time of regulation dates so that no contract is left unmanaged or forgotten. Includes a dashboard with a complete overview over all contracts, and making it easier to control incoming invoices.