Founded in 2008, Ormuco is a leading cloud technology provider with a focus on innovative solutions.
The company is headquartered in Canada with offices in the UK, USA, Brazil and Colombia and cloud datacenters in Canada, UK, UAE and Finland. Built with the end-user in mind, Ormuco’s platform is available through a global partner ecosystem with the same SLA, security and performance.
The company provides a new and successful approach that allows partners to benefit from repeatable expertise, technical resources, quick time to market and a cost-efficient investment model. Ormuco’s platform has been built in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the company is a Cloud28+ member.


Top Services

Acloud is a local, managed private cloud capacity service for organizations of all sizes working with dynamically changing cloud workloads.
The easy to use IaaS solution offers a unique combination of private cloud security and public cloud cost efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. The service is provided by ALSO and delivered by your trusted IT service provider.

Acloud is built on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) new generation infrastructure and Ormuco’s OpenStack cloud platform located in Tampere, Finland. It has an intuitive and user-friendly self-service portal that gives users or resellers full control of their accounts and resources.
The portal provides access to a broad and comprehensive catalog of services enabling you to manage your capacity and security needs dynamically. The cost-efficient service ensures compliance with rules and regulations, custom security enforcement, and adherence to data sovereignty.

Acloud is the most advanced software defined cloud platform with complete automation, hosted and managed in physical data center environments in your country. The enterprise grade IaaS cloud platform is built on leading open source (OpenStack) architecture with Docker® containers support.

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