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NoSpamProxy - Net at Work

Founded in 1995, Net at Work is a software company and systems integrator based in Paderborn, Germany. The founders and shareholders are managing directors Uwe Ulbrich and Frank Carius, who operates www.msxfaq.de, one of the most renowned websites on the topics of Exchange and Lync. Net at Work delivers a wide range of solutions relating to IT-based communication and in-house collaboration.

With NoSpamProxy, the Net at Work also develops and markets an innovative secure e-mail gateway with an integrated encryption solution for confidential and legal electronic e-mail communications.
The Windows Server based product already reliably protects over 2,000 companies against spam and malware, enabling high-performance encryption operating completely in the background. The intelligence and automation of many functions is making lives of admins a lot easier.

NoSpamProxy - Net at Work

Top Services

NoSpamProxy Suite
NoSpamProxy® has been developed from practical requirements and can also be used in innovative scenarios. In addition to installing it as a software on your Windows server, NoSpamProxy® can also be operated as a managed hosting solution in conjunction with Office 365 and Azure. In every version, numerous functions for secure transmission and protection against spam and viruses are executed centrally and automatically. The result: users are relieved and administrators can secure IT infrastructures more easily, transparently, and efficiently. NoSpamProxy Suite combines all available NoSpamProxy Modules and Funktions.

NoSpamProxy® Protection
More than anti-spam: proactive real-time protection particularly against current mal- and ransomeware: To ensure optimal protection against current threats like WannaCry or Locky, NoSpamProxy integrates various intelligent technologies. As the first product of its kind, NoSpamProxy offers a sender- and recipient reputation management, that works with an appendix management and the world-leading Zero-Hour solution by CYREN. Therewith, clearly more criteria for spam detection are being taken into consideration than with other solutions. This enables you to benefit from an appreciably higher level of security.

NoSpamProxy® Encryption
E-mail-Encryption. S/MIME. PGP Signature: Use NoSpamProxy and increase the share of encrypted email communication with your partners. Communicate securely with partners by means of central email signature and email encryption at the gateway. The gateway also eliminates the hassle for users of dealing with certificates and keys. Security policies of the company are automatically implemented centrally.

NoSpamProxy® Large Files
NoSpamProxy® Large Files allows users to send files of any size directly from the email client. Users can send large files that exceed the restrictions of the email program without a break in the media and with a single click. This application is uncomplicated and comparable with the sending of conventional file attachments. In contrast to the popular file transfer services, the data is provided on a customer-specific web server and transmitted via SSL encryption. This fulfills the requirements for security-critical business requirements as well as IT governance.

NoSpamProxy ® Disclaimer
Email-Disclaimer and Signature Texts - Flexible and easy to configure: The adaption of disclaimers often fails, because it can only be implemented by the IT department. For example, the opportunity to promote new products or events is missed. Because of lack of capacity in IT – they cannot implement the marketing requirements quickly and simply enough. NoSpamProxy’s Disclaimer option includes a web interface that authorized marketing department employees can use to independently manage, design and change the disclaimers.