NL Cloud

Utica is a completely Dutch Cloud provider since 2004 and is (one of) the first Cloud Computing Providers of the Netherlands. We are specialized in managing the delivery of total solutions in the field of cloud services, hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Utica is the first Hewlett Packard Enterprise FCS APC partner in the Netherlands. APC stands for Azure Private Cloud and FCS for Flexible Capacity Services. Utica along with HPE and Microsoft developed a self-service platform that allows you to create servers themselves. The capacity is thereby unlimited! When the customer needs temporarily lot of extra server capacity for development or test environments, you can purchase them immediately. When the customer no longer needs the capacity they can disable them just as easily. Up or downscaling has never been so easy.

NL Cloud

Top Services

Backup Online
Backup Online provides you with a full-service solution to protect your data. With Backup Online, selected data on your desktops, laptops and servers is automatically stored in the storage systems in our data center via the Internet. Should something go wrong, if (for example) your server is not working reliably after a power failure, a fire breaks out, or a laptop falls down the stairs or is stolen, you can easily restore all your files and emails.

Desktop Online Citrix
Desktop Online offers you the convenience of an online workplace based on Microsoft Windows and Office. You can work anywhere at any time with any device. You don’t need to install anything on your device, find all the data and applications in our data centers in the Netherlands. Choose between a RDP or Citrix session.

Mail Online 50 GB
NLCloud Mail Online offers your customer access to their e-mail addresses, task management and calendaring everywhere, regardless of the device (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, Desktop) that they use. Mail Online is the ideal solution for businesses that are looking for an affordable and scalable email solution without investing. With Mail Online you don't need an on premise server, but you can still structure your appointments, contacts, email and tasks. All the mail data is stored at a data center in the Netherlands and is not subjected to the any government or Secret Service.

Virtual Private Server
NLCloud VPS provides your customer for a fixed amount per month with their own online server. NLCloud offers the possibility to also use your customer own online business software, such as an administrative application. You always have access to their applications and business data. Professionals manage this server for you in our Dutch secure data centers. We manage it, like making backups, Windows updates, user administration and security against unauthorized access.

VoIP Online
VoIP Online is a hosted telephony solution that is suitable from small organizations to organizations with hundreds of users. The user gets access to a PBX online with modern features such as call transfer, routes, call group, call recording, queuing, and voice mail. The hosted PBX will be fully maintained and managed. The hosted VoIP solution works everywhere, at the office, at home and while traveling. Wherever there is an internet connection. Call when using the Softphone application, chat with colleagues and see at a glance who is present and available.

VLAN for Private Cloud Platform
When you use the Utica Private cloud platform (PCP), you are able to create basic virtual networks including NAT configuration for access from and to the internet. This network is based on Software Defined Networking (SDN). This type of network is not sufficient for your goals in certain situations. In these cases it is possible to extend your PCP with one or multiple VLAN's.

Managed Firewall for Private Cloud Platform

USB Dongle hosting for Private Cloud Platform
Attach a physical network device to your VLAN for connecting licensing keys to the virtualized environment. The device will be connected to the network you specify in the service request.Customer needs to provide licensing dongle with the network appliance based on a RJ45 connector.