MyCdesk ™ is a “Cloud Service Provider” since 2006 and offers innovative solutions to outsource simply and effectively secure enterprise computing with Cloud Desktop and WebApps solutions. We develop virtualized infrastructures in the cloud. We allow deport of the traditional work environment (local servers and workstations) in the cloud to facilitate access to data and business applications.

Our company is based in Paris (France) and offers its solutions in Europe and North America. myCdesk mainly targets "B to B" Customers’ type SOHO/SMEs and provides them mobility, security and flexibility.

Sizes Customers range from 1 to 100 users (it is possible to deploy to more than 100 solutions).

All activities are potential customers: private sector, education, training, association, administration … myCdesk allows deport IT without any initial investment with a monthly payment.

The implementation is facilitated by an automation portal available for Partners Resellers that enables deployment in minutes!


Top Services

Cloud Desktop

Your full Windows® desktop is in the cloud. It includes files sharing, the possibility to install softwares (CRM, business management, accounting, word processor), automatic backup, antivirus, firewall, remote access. The goal is to have the same working environment from any type of device and operating system.


Turn any application or software into a cloud solution. Can be done with softwares that can be installed on Windows® server or Windows® PC environment. WebApps can transform your software