Mimecast makes business email and data safer for more than 19,000 customers and millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, the Company’s cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email, and deliver comprehensive email risk management in a single, fully-integrated subscription service. Mimecast reduces email risk and eliminates the complexity and cost of managing the array of point solutions traditionally used to protect email and its data. For customers that have migrated to cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Mimecast mitigates single vendor exposure by strengthening security coverage, combating downtime and improving archiving.


Top Services

Mimecast Email Security
Granular cloud email security controls that make it easy to protect email data and employees against known and emerging attacks, while preventing data leaks.

Mimecast Information Archiving
Secure, read-only and accessible cloud archive that maximizes the value of business information and mitigates information governance, e-discovery and litigation risks.

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity
Simple, cost-effective protection against system failure, natural disasters, system maintenance and upgrade risks that enables uninterrupted access to email from any device.