ICONFIRM is a RegTech company with a suite of services tailored toward the new GDPR requirements and aims to support businesses in demonstrating compliance. The ICONFIRM platform is. The main focus of the solution is the life cycle management of consents and citizens’ rights as well as secure processing of personal identifiers.


Top Services

ICONFIRM is a cloud based solution designed to meet the strict privacy requirements for processing personal data across all industries. The solution enables data controllers to demonstrate GDPR compliance. It is developed to support companies in documenting the purpose of data processing, collecting clear and specific consents, and communicating privacy notices. The Privacy portal enables the data subjects to manage and control their individual rights related to the data processing. A central piece of ICONFIRM is the protocol which documents the processing activities, and gives the controllers a detailed overview of all events related to data subjects. With ICONFIRM, controllers can also manage other processors/recipients and include them in the communication of data processing activities.

ICONFIRM Standard subscription is a GDPR solution for organizations that want to demonstrate continuous compliance and with a need to inform data subjects, document consents, administer data subject rights etc..

ICONFIRM Enterprise subscription provides support for corporate structures or business networks with multiple recipients of data and where the entity wants to have overview and control across system portfolios and/or value chains.