is technology company with 600 business customers in 12 countries. Giosg offers real-time analytics platform which businesses use to trigger service and conversion actions to online visitors at the right moment. The actions can be either manually programmed with a simple UI or can be optimised using Giosg’s computer intelligence. Giosg tools are most commonly used to design and trigger Live Chat, CoBrowse, lead forms and various offers to websites. is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in the UK, Sweden and Norway. is technology company with 600 business customers in 12 countries.

Top Services

Live Chat & CoBrowse

Giosg Live Chat & CoBrowse is a sophisticated Live Chat tool designed to increase website conversion. Your sales or customer service has the ability to see detailed information about your web visitors, automatically prompt discussions with them and communicate with them in real-time.

Conversion tools

Giosg Conversion Tools enables you to create on-brand sales actions and target them to the right visitors on your website. Sales actions can be discount coupons, service notifications, lead generation forms or anything you want to show to some of your website visitors. Creating is done with a intuitive editor that let's you see the preview of your design on your site while you design it, so you can make sure it fits your user experience perfectly. You can setup custom rules to target your sales actions to the right people.


Giosg Target is an AI-powered visitor targeting solution for websites. Target automatically learns which website visitors require help in reaching the business goal of your website and targets those visitors with the sales action you have created. The website goal can be freely set, including a checkout in e-commerce, a lead in b2b or a booking confirmation in services. The sales action can anything from a live chat to discount coupons and lead forms.

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