Emerging Dynamics

Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN) is an energetic, privately-owned company that has grown in the wake of the increasing threats posed to all kinds of organisations by cyber-attacks. EMDYN was founded in 2008 with the specific mission to champion advanced, intelligence-led security solutions and develop innovative technologies and strategies to overcome both cyber and physical threats. Alongside our turn-key defence grade products and solutions, we are proud to market Global Integrity’s dSecure software product portfolio to both distribution and channel partners in the EMEA region. In addition to sales and distribution, we can host and manage this unique, robust system of data encryption, incorporated into Microsoft Office. From our headquarters in Ghent, Belgium and our partners in the Middle East and Africa we are ideally placed to service our key markets in EMEA. We pride ourselves on a flexible, proactive response to client service, with the agility to work successfully within complex environments.

Emerging Dyanamics

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dSecure is the ultimate solution for automatically protecting your business documents and email communications and is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite. dSecure encrypts everything at the point of creation and for the lifetime of the data! It is the only solution that easily protects data kept on a desktop or laptop, mobile phone, tablet, in transit or at rest.


• dSecure is the only solution that protects information at the point of creation.

• eliminates the threat of disclosure in the event of a breach.

• easy to install, up and running in no time, with minimal user training.

• easy to use. No need to bother with passwords or encryption keys. Documents are secured automatically.

• ideal for any size organisation, from small and medium businesses to larger enterprises.

• the latest military-grade encryption is used, with no back doors!