Deltagon is a Finnish cyber security company that develops information security solutions for electronic communication and electronic services. We provide security solutions for protecting e-mail traffic, enabling e-services and sharing information. In addition to safety, we focus on the usability in our solutions so that the solutions are genuinely in use and information security becomes a reality.

Deltagon Group Oy was established in 1999 and is part of Erillisverkot Group.

Top Services

Deltagon Email Encryption

Deltagon Email Encryption is a straightforward email encryption solution for confidential communication where secure email messaging can be started from existing mailbox. The solution offers the internal senders different security levels to choose from.

Deltagon Email Encryption is a solution that does not require any external installations or user accounts for the recipient of a secure message. The recipient can open an encrypted email with any device with a TLS-capable browser. The solution also offers an isolated web interface for an unlicensed external party to initiate a secure conversation.