Deac Data Centers

Deac - a certified data center operator with considerable experience in implementing individual data center solutions. Virtual business class or cloud services, like data backup, virtual servers or virtual desktop, as well as dedicated server and server rack rental and equipment colocation are providing secure and continuous IT systems operation for thousands of customers in Europe. The provision of IT system, that simultaneously simplifies operation of business processes and contributes to its development – is one of DEAC’s corporate mottos.

DEAC headquarters are located in Riga, Latvia and a representative office is available for customers in Moscow, Russia.


Top Services

DEDICATED SERVER RENTALmaximum performance, flexibility, full control and free setup
DEAC dedicated server rental solution is built on enterprise-class hardware to meet the most demanding uptime requirements ensuring your bare metal server is operating at peak performance giving you the most flexibility and control. We stock hundreds of physical servers and components for you to choose from budget or enterprise dedicated server available in some of the most frequently demanded metropolitan locations across Europe and Russia for the best connectivity and geographical diversity.

BACK UP AS A SERVICE – data security, cost reduction and easy management
Data backup service or Baas is an easy solution for a remote and safe data storage in DEAC cloud. BaaS will provide you with business continuity in a crisis and reduce data loss or deletion risks. DEAC business-class BaaS solution is based on a virtualization platform with the highest security and technical standards. That will allow you to manage data backup and recovery at any time and place in DEAC cloud and pay only for backup storage amount you need! Full or partial file encryption is provided for the highest security level.

VIRTUAL SERVERS / CLOUDS – high security standards, guaranteed resources and easy administration
Virtual Private Server or is a safe solution for enterprises’ data management in the cloud. Virtual server rental service does not require any capital expenditures in infrastructure and its maintenance, but at the same time, there is possibility to quickly change and adapt required resources, by making the solution attractive to the projects in their dynamic development process. DEAC guarantees uptime delivery not lower than 99,95%, but in reality clients can enjoy 99,99%*.

DESKTOP AS A SERVICE – your virtual desktop at any place, on any device
Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a convenient solution for a safe remote work from any device, using any software or program to access data, located in a virtual desktop. You can access remote desktops from a variety of devices: PC, personal laptops, smartphones, tablets or thin clients (terminals). Wide functionality of DaaS makes it available for companies of all sizes regardless of their budget, geographical location or number of employees. All software, programs and data are available on demand in a secure DEAC cloud across the Europe. Data is protected against breaches, and can be easily accessed even if device is lost or broken. Companies can now work on the BYOD (Bring your own device) principle, which was a hard task before due to the security concerns. Virtual desktops are equipped with the firewall and antivirus software.