The CANCOM group is one of the leading providers of IT infrastructure and IT services in Germany and Austria. As a Cloud Transformation Partner, we will escort businesses into the new era of computing. This “New Way of Computing” provides users secure access business and private applications and collaboration services – anywhere, at any time, and with whatever terminal device or operating system.

Our holistic product and service range includes

• IT consulting

• Design of IT architectures and IT landscapes

• Conceptual design and integration of IT systems

• Operation of IT systems (from individual sub-tasks to complete outsourcing)

• Sales of hardware and software


Top Services

CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud
The world of work is in a state of constant change. Workplaces in particular face the challenge of adapting to this change and responding to today’s demands on mobility, flexibility, agility, and security. Our AHP Enterprise Cloud offers you the freedom to shape your Next-Generation Workplace according to your own requirements. No longer dependent on time, place, or device, you can use AHP Enterprise Cloud to access all relevant company information and applications.

You can work when, where, and in whatever fashion you desire. We also grant you freedom in the areas of reference model, operational responsibility, and the geolocation of your data. Whatever you decide, the AHP Enterprise Cloud will constantly adapt to your individual needs.
Create your Next-Generation Workplace: feel free. enjoy working.