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Boole Server is one of the first Italian providers of data-centric solutions, customized for small and medium enterprises. BooleBox technology, secure sync and share platform, is able to give full control of user’s data, helping to avoid non-authorized access thanks to innovative protection tools and military-level encryption. Boole Server products are now distributed in over 25 countries, through a growing partners network. Boole Server can count on over 180 premium customers – among them Qatar Airways, Riyad Bank, State of Jersey Police, Giorgio Armani and Ferrero – and more than 100.000 worldwide users

BooleBox is a military certified file sync and share solution

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BooleBox is a military certified file sync and share solution purposely designed for individuals and businesses that have sensitive information to protect. Unlike other typical public cloud services, BooleBox offers complete privacy and control over data, including the possibility to set and use Personal Keys to encrypt and unlock files, data controls while sharing and securing both documents and e-mails. Thanks to its user-friendly protection tools and military level encryption, users will always have their data under control and safe from prying eyes.