We’re one of Lithuania’s largest IT companies and for more than 20 years we’ve based our activities on professionalism and an exceptional work philosophy. Long experience in the IT market lets us understand our clients’ unique needs. In light of those needs, we specialise in a number of areas and seek to be leaders in the areas we’ve chosen. Blue Bridge’s competence is recognised and appreciated by large businesses and public sector organizations in Lithuania.

Blue Bridge

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Virtual Data Centre
The Virtual Data Centre (vDC) is a service for IT solutions that conventionally use physical servers. Virtual servers within the vDC may be used for financial, business, sales management and other system installations. The vDC not only offers high reliability and security levels, but also enables service sellers to independently configure solutions for their clients through the web portal. With a pre-configured solution, all components – such as virtual servers, network connections and both security and reliability tools – are installed and set automatically to significantly reduce potential errors and shorten installation time. A newly developed solution is placed into the environment, which is monitored 24/7 and controlled by supplier staff.