Cloudx Services AS (Moss/Norway) was founded in 2014. Since 2015, BIZSKYPE has been positioned as the only independent Skype for business based cloud service with telephony in the market. BIZSKYPE customers can use any telephony provider and any vendor of Microsoft services without having to migrate from the BIZSKYPE service, making it an open and flexible offering for companies using Microsoft Office as their business tool. Cloudx Services is a company based in Moss, Norway with operations in Norway, Benelux, France and the UK.

BizSkype - Skype for Business Telephony - a CloudX Services product

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BIZSKYPE is delivering value to customers, resellers, distributors and telecoms by simply activating the Skype for Business client with their preferred telephony provider. The key is adding local and regional telephony provider values to the most efficient Skype for Business cloud service engine: BIZSKYPE.

BIZSKYPE is available now in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace in Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. More countries will soon be added.

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