BeeWits is the brainchild of a group of people who want to make life easier for people like us. It's an offshoot of Switch Ltd, a full-service marketing agency focused on helping you set and exceed your most ambitious targets yet. It was born when things got busy at the agency. We needed help, we needed tools and we needed them fast - but we could not find anything to fit the bill. So we started to build them ourselves! Our arsenal of tools is growing steadily. Every tool we build is designed to make specific jobs easier for web designers, web developers, freelancers and digital agencies just like us.

The Queen Bee in our toolbox is the BeeWits project management tool, dedicated to taking the headaches and guesswork out of every web project. The user-friendly interface will get your next project started in minutes, whether you're on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, any other leading CMS or anything else you want to do as an agency or freelancer web designer/developer. With all your to-dos at a glance, you'll never let work fall through the cracks again. BeeWits will help you keep your team and your clients in sync throughout every step of the process. All conversations and assigned tasks will happen in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent!


Top Services

BeeWits project management tool
Project Management on overdrive! Specifically developed for Web Designers, Digital Agencies and Creatives, BeeWits is the new way of organizing web design projects where you spend less time managing and more time creating!

• Project Management using web design checklists

• Don't start your project from scratch. Use task templates!

• Organize a (web) design project in minutes. Using 100s of task templates and checklists

• Client keeps chasing? Invite them to the project. (But you decide what they can see)

• Very simple project management designed for web designers, digital agencies and freelancers