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Alphacom Finland Oy is an ICT service provider, founded in 1992.

It is a member of nationwide ICT professionals' network called G30 which includes over 30 office loca-tions and 240 employees. The aggregated revenues of G30 companies is over €52m. These companies man-age all together for example over 5,000 servers, 30,000 e-mail accounts, 4,500 printers and 23,000 ICT ter-minals. Alphacom is also a Microsoft SPLA and CSP partner.

Alphacom offers Alison Cloud added value services which are based on Microsoft's cloud services and technologies. By utilizing Alison Cloud concept organizations can replace their labor consuming routines and processes to manage all their devices (desktop, laptop, mobile) with standardized and highly automated services.

Top Services

Alison Cloud manages and controls your devices centrally and replaces traditional laborious device management tasks. This automated cloud solution has a sophisticated and robust application deployment, release management and security for PC’s and Mobile Devices.

Alison Cloud offers real-time data inventory and it’s very fast and easy to setup. It is utilizing Microsoft's cloud services technologies (Office 365, Azure AD and Intune).

Device management, application and update distribution, standardization, control, inventory and device register, as well as the information security are all managed centrally. Where to invest own resources and what tasks to outsource is a strategic question for every organization. Benefits from IT and its management should have special attention when the efficiency and productivity is to be increased. An obvious and easy decision is to move devices to Alison Cloud.