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Individualized provision of data, easy system integration, state-of-the-art security standards

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace is based on a redundant data center operated by the company itself, where the most recent security standards are applied. In addition to the latest SAP system with HANA technology, ALSO also uses a modern business intelligence system with predictive analytics to promptly detect developments in the market. Our partners process 3.2 billion euros via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and 1.2 billion euros through our webshops. To support our customers even better, we use analytical tools for continuous optimization. Buyers can call up their structure data, for example their order data, online at any time. The shop-in-shop webshop “ myStore ” established in 2017, with which resellers can quickly and easily set up an individual shop for each of their customers, is one example of the wide range of possible uses of the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.