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Digital Services

Qualified service portfolio, automatic readying, simple scaling

Through the Cloud platform, ALSO connects service providers with resellers and enables them to assemble appropriate cloud solutions for their customers easily and quickly. In its choice of offerings, in addition to well-known cloud services − such as virtual servers and mailboxes − ALSO includes independent software and service providers, too. Predefined criteria regulate the inclusion of services in the local cloud service catalog. With just a few clicks, resellers create their own marketplace and determine the services for their customers, set their selling prices, and submit an offer. The services are automatically made available to the customers. The easy-to-use and intuitive standardized interface, as well as support in the respective national language, enable rapid entry into the cloud business. We expect the current number of 1.3 million seats in 71 countries to increase significantly over the coming years.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Your local marketplace with a wide catalogue of cloud services and value added services

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace is much more than automatic provisioning of cloud services. It is the market’s most comprehensive online marketplace with a feature set for sales, support, reporting and self-care of various cloud services.