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Find here press releases, other publications and the link to our Discover ALSO App.

Find here press releases and publications

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Finanz und Wirtschaft, a renowned Swiss financial newspaper, recently published this in-depth interview with Gustavo Möller-Hergt:

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Press releases

ALSO and Adobe take partnership to the next level

Oct 21, 2021

After successfully rolling out the Adobe portfolio on the ALSO Cloud Marketplace in selected countries already, ALSO will now make them available in an additional 41 countries, including Russia and...

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Now2Next: ALSO continues to invest in 3D/4D Printing Solutions

Oct 13, 2021

For many companies, incorporating new technologies into their daily business involves major challenges and investments in technology and personnel.

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ALSO First Cisco Digital Distribution Partner Worldwide

Oct 8, 2021

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Dealing with digital media: ALSO develops code of conduct for families and children

Sep 21, 2021

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Acquisition of PIN Computers completed; ALSO reaches next milestone in Eastern European expansion

Aug 17, 2021

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