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Jul 4, 2022 - Emmen

ALSO Portugal starts operations: Strengthening Presence on the Iberian Peninsula

Following Antitrust Approval, the Technology Provider has effected the acquisition of the Distribution Division of JP Sá Couto, SA. Being one of the largest players in Portugal with its Total Addressable Market of 1.5 billion €, the company will operate as “jp.di, powered by ALSO” from 4. July onwards.

Jorge Sá Couto, Chairman of JP Sá Couto, SA states: “jp.di has 33 years of experience in the Portuguese IT market. The wealth of experience gathered during this time is a rock-solid foundation for the new enterprise.” João Paulo Sá Couto, Managing Director of the new company, adds: “The transition to ALSO is not the end of a journey, on the opposite: we are opening a new chapter of our successful story.” Together with the CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN) Gustavo Möller-Hergt, both brothers will be part of the Advisory Board of the new company.

ALSO Portugal is committed to be the best in the field of software and IT equipment distribution. The strong backing of the Group, with its successful track record of integrations as well as its high competence and state-of-the-art technologies in the Solutions and as-a-Service area helps achieving this goal. With the Group’s widespread portfolio of products, digital platforms and services, ALSO Portugal will be able to provide many new services and areas of expertise for its resellers in the future, too.

Gustavo Möller-Hergt: “Based on our comprehensive ecosystem we now have a very powerful and compelling offer for resellers in Portugal and Spain. As a technology supplier with longstanding experience, a value-add solutions provider with a high expertise in IT architecture and Cybersecurity alike, and a successful cloud services provider on a consumptional basis, we cover every aspect of IT provisioning. Based on this strong foundation we will successfully drive business on the Iberian Peninsula.”


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