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General Meeting of ALSO-Actebis Holding AG: Shareholders approve all proposals of the Board of Directors

At the Ordinary General Meeting of March 7, 2013, in Lucerne, the shareholders of ALSO-Actebis Holding AG approved the Annual Report (including the Compensation Report), the Annual Financial Statements and Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for 2012, and released the Board of Directors and Executive Management from liability.

For fiscal year 2012, ALSO-Actebis Holding AG reported a net profit of CHF 17.1 million. Together with the balance brought forward, the transfer from the reserve for treasury shares, and the dissolution of the reserve from capital contributions, retained earnings totaled CHF 88.7 million. The shareholders approved the proposal for the appropriation of income. They will thus receive CHF 1.20 per registered share from the reserve from capital contributions. The disbursement is paid without deduction of withholding tax and is normally exempt from income tax for private individuals in Switzerland. The remaining CHF 73.3 million will be carried forward to the new account.

In addition, the shareholders elected PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Lucerne, Switzerland, as statutory auditors of the company for the financial year 2013.

The shareholders also approved the proposal of the Board of Directors to change the company name from ALSO-Actebis Holding AG to ALSO Holding AG and to transfer the registered office of the company from Hergiswil, Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland, to Emmen, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Finally, the shareholders decided to authorize the Board of Directors to increase the share capital (authorized capital) by a maximum of CHF 2.5 million at any time up to 12 March 2015.


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