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ALSO IoT Solution for Asset Tracking: Long-lasting, energy-saving and versatile in use

  • High precision GPS, for tracking, geofencing and display of route progress
  • Energy efficient setup and competitive price
  • Easy entry into the IoT business

ALSO introduces the new IoT Asset Tracking Solution featuring high precision GPS for tracking, geofencing and mapping the route history. The solution combines the tracking device with low power connectivity, giving it excellent energy efficiency with a battery life of up to seven years. The robust, waterproof housing enables use in any weather and terrain.

Via the pre-installed SIM card, all movements detected by the device are transmitted to the ALSO IoT platform so that the data is accessible to all users at all times. One year's use of the internet connection and platform is already included in the price. Its geofencing capability, initially intended for monitoring the movement of valuable goods, also provides customers with valuable insights into the radius of movement. Logistics, agriculture, construction sites are just three possible application areas where the precise tracking of moving, valuable objects is business-critical.

“The user and his needs are the starting point of every IoT solution we develop. The asset tracker is a good example of this: the end customer can use the device immediately, he only has to activate his account. For resellers, the solution is so interesting because it not only enables a long-lasting customer relationship. The use of the platform also creates opportunities for the integration of other IoT devices, for example trackers for monitoring CO2 emissions or temperature. Likewise, already existing environments can be integrated into the platform”, Simone Blome-Schwitzki, Senior Vice President Solutions at ALSO, emphasizes.

The competitively priced ALSO asset tracker is available with immediate effect: https://www.allthingstalk.com/assettracking

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