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Consequences of corona virus: ALSO helps customers

We have been following the latest developments ever since the corona virus began to spread and are successfully working on a wide range of measures to safeguard the supply chain and personal safety of employees, customers and partners. Meetings are held digitally whenever possible and many of our employees have for some time been instructed to work from their home office.

ALSO will help customers who have short-term liquidity bottlenecks as a result of the consequences of the corona virus. “All resellers will be analysed continuously across the Group with the aid of the business intelligence we have introduced on a long-term basis in order to support them proactively. That is how we have a very clear and precise view of the company’s loyal customers who are structurally healthy but now run the risk of getting into difficulty due to the consequences of the corona virus. You will receive swift and unbureaucratic support from ALSO,” Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG, announced.

Subject to sales volume and level we are offering to extend payment targets for resellers who are affected. For this purpose ALSO Holding and its country companies are making a double-digit million amount of additional liquidity available. The company will also respond flexibly to the individual reseller’s situation where credit lines are concerned. Implementation will be at short notice, with measures initially in place until the end of April. But the company will continue beyond then to assist and advise SMB resellers with problems as they occur. Please address your queries in this connection to support4corona@also.com

ALSO will do all that it can to protect its customers, partners and employees. The entire team is pitching in to lend a helping hand at this difficult time. We will shortly be publishing details of further specific measures.

Direct link to media release: https://www2.also.com/press/20200316en.pdf


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