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Overview for investors

The ALSO Group has been quoted on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange.




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ALSO stock recommendations

ALSO stock is closely monitored and regularly assessed by various banking institutes and analysts. Below are the contact details of the analyst who followed us in the past.

Mr. Panagiotis Spiliopoulos
Analyst Bank Vontobel AG
+41 58 2837182

Significant shareholders

Significant shareholders 12.31.2017 12.31.2016
Special Distribution Holding GmbH, Dusseldorf (Germany)* 51.30 % 51.30 %
Schindler Pars International Ltd., Hergiswil (Switzerland)** *** 7.60 %
Bestinver Gestion, S.G.I.I.C. S.A., Madrid (Spain) 3.17 % 5.96 %
SaraSelect, c/o J. Safra Sarasin Investmentfonds AG, Basel (Switzerland) 3.60 % 4.00 %
LB(Swiss) Investment AG, Zurich (Switzerland) *** 3.93 %

Source: Share register as of December 31 (without nominees)
* Controlling shareholder: Walter P.J. Droege through Droege Group AG
** Held 100 percent by Schindler Holding AG
*** Voting rights below the notifiable threshold value of three percent

Notifications made during the fiscal year in accordance with Art. 20 of the Swiss Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading Act can be viewed using the following link:

As regards the value of the percentage voting rights shown, it should be noted that any changes in the percentage voting rights between the notifiable threshold values are not subject to disclosure requirements.

Droege Group AG

(Major shareholder)

Droege Group(founded in 1988) is an independent advisory and investment company under full family ownership. The company acts as a specialist for tailor-made transformation programs aiming to enhance corporate value. Droege Group combines its corporate family-run structure and capital strength into a family-equity business model. The group carries out direct investments with its own equity in corporate spin-offs and medium-sized companies in "special situations". With the guiding principle "execution - following the rules of art", the group is a pioneer in execution-oriented corporate development. Droege Group follows a focused investment strategy based on current megatrends (knowledge, connectivity, prevention, demography, specialization, future work, shopping 4.0). Enthusiasm for quality, innovation and speed determines the company’s actions. In recent years Droege Group has successfully positioned itself in domestic and international markets and operates in 30 countries.
More information: http://www.droege-group.com

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