Supply chain

The supply chain describes the path taken by products or services until they reach the company.

The path takes place via the stages of raw material extraction, prefabrication, refinement, production, distribution and logistics.

Supply chain at ALSO

As a technology provider, we distribute and market 256,000 items (SKUs) in approximately 18.7 million transactions annually from more than 700 vendors in over 1,340 product categories and subcategories of hardware and software.

The main upstream supply chain activities include the purchase of consumables, services, software and equipment for use in operations, the purchase of parts for the repair and refurbishment of electronic equipment in our refurbishment business, the return of products, Transport contracts, commercial real estate and cooperation with banks.

Our key downstream supply chain activities include sales, delivery and services. An increasingly large component of our activities, namely the cloud and platform business, takes the form of a virtual supply chain.

We view our vendors, i.e. manufacturers of products for resale as well as service providers, as part of our customer groups, not as suppliers.

We contractually commit our suppliers to high standards of corporate social responsibility, in particular compliance with human rights (including the renunciation of forced and child labour as well as discrimination),

environmental protection and responsible sourcing of raw material supply chains.

We also have corresponding regulations in contracts with selected buyers. Furthermore, we subject our suppliers to a regular review of their sustainable commitment, which covers the areas of production, compliance and sustainability management. refers.

In the period under review, all relevant suppliers (measured in terms of sales at ALSO) were sent the questionnaire, and just under 60 percent responded.