Corporate governance

Corporate governance refers to all the rules and principles that influence how companies are managed.

In addition to the internal dimension, corporate governance also refers to how the company behaves in relation to its stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, business partners).

The aim of corporate governance is to manage the company in a way that leads to improved processes, ensures transparency and ensures that ethical standards are adhered to. Corporate governance provides orientation for employees by setting goals and maxims for action.


The Management Board and the Board of Directors have created a clear set of rules for transparent and responsible corporate governance. For example, it is standard practice that Group Management does not own any ALSO shares and is not remunerated in such shares, so as not to mix corporate and personal interests.

We see the personal union of Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO as a strength, as it makes the company responsive and effective - as long as there are clear regulations and strong, functioning control bodies.