Greenhouse effect / Greenhouse gas

The greenhouse effect is the effect of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. The radiation from the sun is stored in the atmosphere by the greenhouse gases.

The higher the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere, the stronger the greenhouse effect becomes. The consequence is an increase in temperature, which leads to global warming.

The term greenhouse gases refers to methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, all of which occur naturally in the Earth's atmosphere.

This is how ALSO counteracts the greenhouse effect

Reducing CO2 emissions in particular plays a major role in combating the greenhouse effect. Specific goals in this regard can be found in our sustainability strategy LESS .

Increasing digitalization and the shift of many corporate processes to the cloud also contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect. When operating our data centers and cloud systems, we make sure that the systems used are operated as energy-efficiently as possible.

With offerings such as Workplace+, ALSO also helps its customers reduce CO2 emissions and facilitates their digital transformation.