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Our People

We have a lot of clever and dedicated colleagues working with us. Let us introduce you to some of them:

Around 4000 employees are looking for new colleagues!

Sonja is Project Manager for Cybersecurity at ALSO Croatia. When she first joined ALSO, she was fascinated by the people. Everyone is friendly and eager to help – especially when you‘re new.

As a trained journalist, she‘s curious by nature and always looking to learn more. Her mentors never hesitate to answer her questions and support her professional development. When she recently made the step from the Microsoft Modern Workplace department to Cybersecurity, it was challenging in the beginning – but Sonja loves challenges, likes to explore her limits and can adjust to new situations very quickly.

We need more people like Sonja. Curious minds like her can grow and develop alongside ALSO. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Sonja Drmić - Croatia
Bonaventure Bongo - France

Bonaventure is Focus Sales Manager Cisco at ALSO France. In his job, the people are the most important part: Working closely with ALSO partners on the one hand and being a team player on the other hand. He loves that his team is made of very different characters who are all working together towards the same goal.

Next to his great team, he loves the challenges that his job offers. „Yesterday I didn‘t know it, today I‘m an expert.“ – this attitude is what always drives him to always learn more.

We need more people like Bonaventure. If you‘re driven by challenges and motivated by a great team, ALSO might be just the right place for you. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Tibor is SMB Sales Team Manager at ALSO Hungary. What sets Tibor apart is his ability to embrace change. Hungarian by birth, he has lived in Poland for over 30 years. His bilingualism got him into sales, something he never expected after studying genetics.

Today, many of his customers have become friends. Of course, this helps with sales, but it also makes work so much more enjoyable, he states. His enthusiasm has even rubbed off on his son, who is also working at ALSO, however, as Tibor sadly remarks, as an accountant.

We need more people like Tibor. Help us to constantly adapt to the changes of our fast-developing industry and rise to the challenge. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Tibor Stark – Hungary
Istvan Lengyel – Hungary

As Head of Operations at ALSO Hungary, Istvan is a veritable all-rounder. Not only is he responsible for warehouse management and logistics, but he also takes care of the Return Material Authorization process, manages contracts, aftersales, fleet, office space… You name it, Istvan looks after it. Taking care of things doesn‘t end at work. In his free time, he loves to work in his garden, tending to the plants and making things grow. Being reliable is one of his main drivers, which is why he enjoys being a stable element in the company.

We need more people like Istvan. Whether it is in logistics, in sales, or in business development – we are always happy to get new team members we can count on. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Tímea is HP Printing & Supply Manager at ALSO Hungary. She sets high goals for herself and pursues them in a very focused, determined and calm manner. This combination is what makes her successful: She was given the opportunity to start and develop the HP printer business at ALSO Hungary and now proudly calls this business her child.

Ambitious and calm – that’s also how she approaches her favorite leisure activity: Organising hiking trips for small groups in and around Hungary.

We need more people like Tímea. People who are masters of their job and back up their words with action. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Tímea Dóczi – Hungary
Filip Veverec – Croatia

Filip is Account Manager SMB at ALSO Croatia. Since he started in Summer 2020, his role has been evolving constantly and he has taken on additional responsibilities.

His passion is sales, since he loves communicating with people, being there for them and solving their problems. This helps him with the biggest challenge that his job offers: Making both sides happy – the customers and the company. A challenge that is, in his own words, the beauty of it. As Simon Sinek puts it: ""Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

We need more people like Filip. At ALSO, you can turn your passion into solutions. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Jana is Logistics and Operational Manager at ALSO Czech Republic. Right now, her daily business is all about finding answers and providing solutions. While this can be stressful, it‘s also rewarding: With every challenge she resolves, she‘s learning new things. This knowledge will help someone in the future to resolve it faster – and that‘s one of the things she loves about her job.

The importance of learning and positive encouragement is something she knows very well from being a mother to an 8-year-old. Jana is certain: Her son is going to be a football-star. This is why it's so important to her that ALSO is supporting her in creating a good work-life-balance.

We need more people like Jana. At ALSO, you can take on new challenges and learn a lot along the way. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Jana Krasova - Czech Republic
Aiste Verbylaite – Lithuania

Aistė is Head of Marketing at ALSO Lietuva. This dynamic enviromnent is exactly the right place for a curious and creative mind like her.

She studied Lithuanian philology and now expresses her creative side in her job: Creating marketing plans, writing content and tailoring campaigns to the needs of the local market are only some of the tasks that she loves. Language still plays a big role in her life: Aistė loves traveling and speaks several languages fluently.

We need more people like Aistė. In marketing and other departments, creative minds can bring in their talents and foster their one-of-a-kind careers. Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Danyang is Regional Lead E-Commerce at ALSO France. By collaborating with different departments and finding new ways of improving the webshop, she‘s working on the best user experience for the partners and resellers of ALSO.

This requires the willingness to learn – and to train – new things constantly, but it also requires the determination. And the determination is something that sports have taught her: As a former professional runner, pursuing a goal even when others would give up is one of her biggest strengths.

We need more people like Danyang. At ALSO, you can set ambitious goals and we will help you reach them. Interested? Then tell us more about yourself: Apply now!

Danyang Li - France