Workplace as a Service

The solution in a nutshell: Provide/rent out modern IT workplaces without complications or major expenses, while at the same time enjoying 360° hardware and software support.

The end customer profile

Target segment: Cross-industry.

Target group: End customers with an overloaded IT department or no in-house IT department; customers who want new hardware or who want to protect their cashflow.

Size: 1 to 50 workplaces (> 50 on request: project business with individual offers).

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: no restriction; in principle all ALSO vendors.

Products: hardware + care package + electronics insurance + 1st level support (18, 24, 36, 48 month contracts).

Partner services: cloud service provider, own managed services, consulting.

Value added

  • Fully managed workplace from a single source incl. hardware, software, managed services and device management
  • Transparent monthly IT costs with rented hardware
  • Free returns at the end of the term incl. certified data deletion
  • Easy scalability
  • Protection in the event of damage incl. free 24/7 support hotline

Possible applications

Workplaces aren’t just in offices! Ongoing digitisation in schools also benefits from using the WaaS concept. In this case we call it CaaS (Classroom as a Service).

The Smart Meeting Rooms Solution is perfect for combining with WaaS. This equips the entire office with furniture and devices. And all this with attractive financing models.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


Management can replace old hardware without huge outlays.


The purchasing department can count on precise and predictable monthly IT costs.

IT management

IT management enjoys maximum scalability.

Sales force

The sales force is optimally protected in the event of damage.

The ALSO WaaS solution in detail

Do you think you already know the WaaS universe like the back of your hand? Has there been nothing new for a long time now? Wrong!

ALSO revamped WaaS by looking at the topic in a new and better way. Fresh models, easier handling and consistently attractive costs. The trend is clearly towards needs-oriented usage with 360° service. Making oversized purchases and ending up dissatisfied are a thing of the past. Our magic word is: ALSO Workplace-as-a-Service. The concept is forward-looking and will soon move from being a trend to the norm. We’re sure of it.

Plug in, switch on, work. That’s how easy modern office life is with ALSO WaaS. There are lots of things to consider when equipping workplaces. Procurement, delivery, customer support, security issues, maintenance and upgrades can be huge logistical and financial challenges for resellers.

We make it easy! With ALSO WaaS, devices are ordered in a totally relaxed way via the ACMP and arrive at the end customer appropriately configured – without the reseller having to deal with the devices. This device management very clearly shows that WaaS is not just about lean hardware financing. It is about offering an attractive complete package that combines all the steps up to invoicing via the cloud marketplace.

And those aren’t the only reasons why you should choose WaaS from ALSO: ALSO WaaS self service is now offering something very special! Resellers have the option of operating their own WaaS web shop including a configurator as a white label solution. Portfolio maintenance and digital marketing are also handled by ALSO. This allows partners to concentrate fully on lead generation, etc.

Because flexibility always plays a major role, ALSO has two WaaS models up its sleeve for partners: The trading model and the commission model. The former consists of a contract between the reseller and end customer with subsequent sale to ALFS (ALSO Financial Services). On request, this can also be branded with your own logo. This allows resellers to take into account hardware sales for partner programmes. The commission model makes it possible to generate commission between 50 and 200 Euro per seat over different contract durations. This involves a direct contract between ALFS and the end customer. Resellers can book conveniently via the ACMP after the request and offer, while ALFS takes care of the rest. We can quickly figure out which model is the right choice for you during a consultation meeting.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

In addition to the clear advantage of being able to use devices and software specifically tailored to requirements at precisely predictable costs at any time, there are even more attractive features to this solution. The WaaS service concept provides 24/7 support, care packages and insurance, returns at the end of the contract period, as well as reliable data deletion.

Hurdles that make it difficult for end customers to choose WaaS? There aren’t any!

WaaS – is there much value added for ALSO partners?

Our ALSO Cloud Marketplace is a real all-rounder, but you knew that already. It offers even more when it comes to WaaS: the ACMP works as a central platform and supplier for all workplace-related topics such as hardware, software and various services. Expense and risk are kept to a minimum, because ALSO Financial Services takes care of the credit checks and administration, as well as the financing itself. But there’s more: ALSO handles support and returns for you, too. What are you waiting for? Get started in the WaaS business!

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