Remote maintenance 4.0

The solution in a nutshell: Control the solar panels in Abu Dhabi from a workplace in Germany, evaluate the corresponding data, optimise processes and actively save money: all of this is possible with the ALSO Remote Maintenance 4.0 Solution.

The end customer profile

  • Sector: Industry
  • Area: Mechanical and plant engineering, energy sector, water and environmental technology, building technology.

Behind the scenes

Vendors: INSYS icom, AllThingsTalk.

Products: icom Smart IoT gateways & managed services, ALSO IoT Platform.

Services: Consulting, network coverage and installation, software development, managed services.

Value added

  • Global access & increased system availability regardless of the type of connectivity or the individual provider
  • Multiple cost savings: Investment costs, travel costs and maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity & competitiveness
  • Costs already amortised from the first (saved) service case.

Possible applications

It’s not only since the energy transition that solar and wind power plants have been popular. That is why they offer the ideal playing field for this solution. Field devices that are directly installed in the control cabinets of these plants can be easily monitored and controlled using the ALSO Remote Maintenance 4.0 Solution. Is too much water gradually building up in a silo? The system sounds the alarm and opens the relevant valve. That’s how easy troubleshooting becomes!

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Resellers/system suppliers expand their portfolio and can easily link IT & OT with one another.

Integrators/ vendors can use new business models and offer long-term maintenance contracts.

Software developers are able to develop predictive maintenance applications.

Maintenance service providers/maintenance staff can meet the emerging requirements for digitisation.

End customers do not need any additional specialist staff and can continue to work with their existing expertise.

Project planners can fall back on practical, tried and tested standard products from well-known vendors.

The ALSO Remote Maintenance 4.0 Solution in detail

In the past remote maintenance solutions (including our ALSO Visual Remote Guidance Solution ) focused on direct, manual support from staff. Unfortunately, that did little or nothing to help the industrial IoT. We’re changing this together with INSYS icom! INSYS icom offers IoT gateways and routers for industrial applications in the market segments of mechanical engineering, energy, water and environmental technology, and building technology. In the case of this solution for the industrial IoT, the motto is: so near and yet so far!

How do users benefit from this solution?

Mistakes happen even in state-of-the-art industrial plants, but they need not be expensive – either in terms of time or money! With the ALSO Remote Maintenance 4.0 Solution, availability and efficiency of plants is enormously improved, as devices and machines can be accessed remotely without wasting any time. This results in decreased downtimes and frees up more time for day-to-day business. Continuous collection and evaluation of data during operation allows operators to develop modern IoT concepts such as predictive maintenance. These, in turn, can be integrated easily into existing maintenance contracts. As you can see, there are many ways to benefit from this solution.

Customers who have long since discovered the potential of remote maintenance in the industrial sector can now even carry out preventative system maintenance independently, as they have collected and evaluated enough data. Potential errors or problems can be predicted by looking at the historical measured data. This increases company efficiency and once again increases the value added by this solution. The fact that the Remote Maintenance 4.0 Solution is fully integrated saves time and money.

Value added for ALSO partners

In addition to a recurring monthly income, ALSO partners also benefit from flexible service provision options and uncomplicated invoicing. With this new approach that also covers the industrial sector, you can use this solution to open up new business areas and position yourself in a field where there is plenty of interest. As always we should not forget the opportunities to grow & upsell to existing customers. Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionise the industrial sector

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