Visual Remote Guidance

The solution in a nutshell: Head mounted tablet that enable real time collaboration over longer distances that make company expertise accessible and retrievable in the shortest possible time frame.


The end customer profile

  • Sector: industry, trade, real estate, construction, workshops
  • Area: service & support > maintenance, repairs, coordination, presentation.

Behind the scenes:

Solution components

  • Vendors: Realwear, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Oculavis, Microsoft
  • Products: HMT-1 head mounted tablet, HPE Myroom vrg, Ale Rainbow, OculacisShare, Microsoft Teams
  • Services: Technical implementation of the wearables on the software platform, training, process analysis.

Value added

  • Global use of existing expertise
  • Faster rectification of problems and their causes
  • Cheaper maintenance/repair work
  • Avoidance of resource-intensive travel
  • Creation of a sustainable transfer of knowledge with simultaneous employee training.

Possible applications

The head mounted tablet are by no means a must! Other mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablets are often sufficient and offer many options for process optimisation via external customer access to the collaboration portal.

Estate agents

Virtual house viewings without the hassle of travelling.

Building contractors

Rapid coordination with builders about changes and adjustments without the need to be present.

Car workshops/showrooms in car dealerships

Joint inspection of defects or the option to “sit in it” virtually before purchasing.

Industry, trade

Real time collaboration for remote teams or people. This allows field staff to be connected to technical experts in an innovative way.

Offer this solution as a service

Visual Remote Guidance in detail

The ALSO Solutions Business Managers specialise in identifying new business opportunities and developing solutions for individual IT requirements. The team not only provides support with the development of solutions businesses, but also accompanies extensive expansions right down to the smallest detail. One of the first Solutions business projects to be delivered helps with a problem that one of your end customers is sure to have: a limited number of technical specialists who obviously cannot be everywhere at all times when things have to be done quickly – and this is unfortunately often the way of things. The Visual Remote Guidance Solution provides an answer that can be directly tailored to suit the end customer.

If a field staff member is faced with a problem that they cannot rectify on their own, they require specialist knowledge from headquarters. Calling, describing the problem and trying to sort it out using one hand while holding the phone in the other sounds tedious and time-consuming – and it really is. With the help of a robust head mounted tablet that have been specially developed for use in industry and a complementary unified collaboration platform, field staff can be connected to specialists quickly and easily. Hands remain free and voice commands can be used to take pictures, for example, which can then be directly forwarded to specialists at headquarters. The specialist can then make direct annotations. The display and image from the head mounted tablet merge with one another to create an augmented reality effect. The field staff member can then implement what they see straight away and rectify the problem in no time at all.

A particularly practical feature is that documents such as instructions can be imported via the unified collaboration portal. Verbal communication is, of course, still available via the classic audio connection.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

Expertise doubles when it’s shared. Although experienced technicians are always rare, their knowledge is rolled out in the most effective way by the Visual Remote Guidance Solution, so that repairs or maintenance work can be carried out without their physical presence. This closes maintenance windows faster while simultaneously improving the quality of the maintenance work. In addition, an increase in the level of competence creates a highly professional impression.

Resource-intensive trips are reduced and knowledge is shared out, which has a lasting positive effect on everyone involved. The high quality of the service remains, but the effort required is reduced enormously.

Targets and relevance for the end customer

Managing Directors

Use of the solution results in an increase in the profitability of the service revenue.

Technical Managers

The solution as a guarantee of optimal use of in-house expertise.

Field Engineers

The acquisition of high quality support from a technical expert with simultaneous further training

Thinking ahead

ALSO partners benefit too!

Ideally, partners enhance their relationships with end customers by using the ALSO Solutions Business Forge and utilising the latest technology and business approaches. The idea of an “exclusive treatment” using a solution that does not come ready-made also flatters the customer and therefore contributes to improved customer loyalty. Thanks to the SaaS approach, implementation does not require a lot of free capacity and can be implemented quickly and easily.

No fear of the new!

The ALSO Solutions Business Team offers comprehensive specialist support when selling solutions – from in-depth feasibility studies and economic profitability checks through to professional marketing and presentation. A holistic integration service that enables partners to deploy the solution where it’s needed – namely, in the end customer’s company.

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