Communications Solution for Care

The solution in a nutshell: The ALSO Communications Solution for Care is a location-independent and secure way of staying in face-to-face contact with relatives or friends in care facilities when in-person visits are not possible for various reasons

The end customer profile

Target segment: Healthcare

Target group: Care facilities and nursing homes.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Viewsonic, Jabra, PeterKenkel

Products: Tablets, smartboards, headsets, customised mounts

Services: Consulting, managed services.

Value added

  • Increased satisfaction among residents & relatives
  • Positioning as a modern facility with an innovative spirit
  • Value added for care staff.

Possible applications

The current ban on contact in care homes is a huge burden for both residents and their relatives. However, long distances can also often be the reason for infrequent visits. There’s no need to feel abandoned when you can use simple technological solutions to enable digital visits. The fact that many care facilities and nursing homes are a long way off the pace in this area can also be offset, at least in part.

So care facilities and nursing homes benefit from this solution in several ways. The solution concept can also be the ideal way to encourage time-saving communication between care staff and doctors, for example. The direct line enables scarce resources to be used more efficiently and therefore creates value added in the long-term.

Providing care documentation via the patients’ respective end devices is another way in which it could be used. For example, medication dosage information and reports on certain incidents could be made available to relatives at any time.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Managers of the institution benefit from new business with long-term advantages, which has a positive impact on the facility’s image.

Care staff are freed up during the phone calls.

Residents have new ways to contact their relatives quickly and easily.

The Communications Solution for Care in detail

The different technical conditions of the facilities require a solution that is as flexible as possible. That’s why the ALSO Solutions Business Team has created three different concepts. Here is an overview:

Solution module 1

Central meeting room

  • Video calls in a central meeting room
  • Organised scheduling via MS bookings & Teams
  • Easy assistance thanks to use of the same technology for all
  • Value added for the facility

Solution module 2

Mobile device

  • Selection of individual devices & software options financed by relatives
  • Quick implementation
  • Video calls in resident’s own room
  • Wi-Fi provided by the facility.

Solution module 3

Mobile device + pre-paid sim card

  • Selection of individual devices & software options financed by relatives
  • Quick implementation
  • Video calls in resident’s own room
  • No facility prerequisites.

Regular contact via video calls – or using a smartboard in a meeting room or their own tablet anywhere they choose – enables nursing home residents and their relatives to stay in contact with each other. Especially in these fast-moving times, which are also currently beset with restrictions, this is a welcome solution that impresses with its simplicity and flexibility.

In view of the current situation, solution modules 2 and 3 are particularly good choices for getting started. They can be implemented extremely quickly so that residents can participate directly in life outside the care home again. In addition, a mobile and height-adjustable mount with a shelf ensures that users with limited mobility can use their device with little effort. In the long-term, a combination of the solution modules is also possible.

How do care facilities and users benefit from this solution?

The satisfaction level of residents and relatives can be improved in the long-term with this easy to set up, intuitive video call solution. This contributes to the positive external perception of the facility and is a testament to its commitment and foresight. Manual installation carried out by the partner ensures that the devices are set up in a user-friendly and manageable way. This means that even older generations can get to grips with it as quickly as possible. Simplified and secure contact with relatives means this solution really adds a lot to residents’ quality of life.

Before long, the first generation of pensioners will be moving into care facilities where the media used in this solution have long been a part of everyday life. This means the need for modern video call technology will only increase in the future. So it’s good for facilities to be preparing already and familiarising themselves with the right solutions.

Added value upon added value for ALSO partners

This solution makes it possible to tap into a completely new customer group that many had not previously focused on. Selling this solution enhances your image as a holistic solutions provider and it can be marketed with relatively little work. As always, there are also Managed Service contracts and individual workshop options available. It is entirely up to you how you use this solution to benefit your business! One thing is certain - this type of communication will quickly take root in old people’s facilities and care homes.

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