Smart Meeting Rooms

The solution in a nutshell: Wireless presentations, video and telephone conferences, joint editing of documents – thanks to the combination of a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, ALSO Smart Meeting Rooms facilitate fruitful meetings without any preparation time.

The end customer profile

Target segment: Cross-industry

Area: meeting rooms, meeting areas, think tanks

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: you are not bound to any one vendor. We provide tailored recommendations in line with the end customer’s needs.

Products include Samsung Flip, Mediasprint Rolling Racks, Roomz Displays, Poly Video Conference Bars, Epson Projectors, Polycom Pano, Peter Kenkel Conference Room Furniture.

Services: consultation, training, installation.

Value added

  • Increased efficiency in meetings
  • Time saving and cost reductions through the use of modern technology
  • Optimal usage of available spaces
  • Promotion of group and team work
  • Digitisation of information and meeting minutes.

Possible applications

Inflexible solutions are not our thing and the Smart Meeting Rooms Solution do not need to be limited to four walls in the traditional sense.

Existing meeting rooms are upgraded and additional individual components can, of course, be installed in foyers or corridors as required – nothing stands in the way of ad hoc replacement. It is also possible to equip auditorium spaces with video conferencing technology, which takes events to a new level.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Heads of department

Can say goodbye to lengthy, time-consuming team meetings.

Project teams

No longer have to do without multimedia and efficient team work.

IT departments

Are not required for launch preparations.


Do not need to do the extra work of checking meeting room availability.

The Smart Meeting Rooms Solution in detail

Soulless meeting rooms with a slightly dusty atmosphere and presentation technology that requires laborious preparation because of compatibility issues leave a lot to be desired, but are unfortunately still a widespread problem.

Imagine meeting rooms with technology that is available on the fly, quickly and reliably. Sounds good.

But perhaps you don’t know of a provider who can work with you and your customers to create tailored meeting room solutions and provide everything from a single source? Neither did we. Which is why we decided to start offering our Smart Meeting Room Solutions right away.

On the one hand, meeting rooms play a representative role within a company. On the other, they have to work intuitively and quickly in order to speed up processes and make meetings more efficient. The ALSO Solutions Team works closely with you to develop the best solution for the requirements and circumstances of the end customer, and, if required, can also take existing technology into account when developing the solution.

Our Smart Meeting Rooms Solution start with digital door signs, which show room occupancy and booking options, and include everything that makes presenting, communicating and documenting easier – regardless of the vendor. The symbiosis between furniture, video and telephone conferencing technology and any hardware and software enables increased productivity and improves work results.

In addition to project planning and commissioning of each individual solution, operation and maintenance are two important factors that the ALSO Solutions Team keeps an eye on for you. Additional services from the ALSO group also relieve you of the burden if, for example, hardware needs to be replaced or software updates are due.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

Spontaneous ideas, creative meetings and urgent discussions should ideally be possible on the spot, otherwise initial approaches or constructive dialogue will quickly become a thing of the past. The linchpin for these situations is perfectly equipped meeting rooms or think tanks. It is hard to imagine companies without cross-location collaboration. Our various components that make up the Smart Meeting Room Solution ensure maximum efficiency.

Depending on the technology used, complete digitisation of the conversation is a guarantee that nothing is lost and that all participants remain on the same page – even after they’ve finished work in the smart meeting room.

The occupancy rate of meeting rooms is also significantly improved by the simplified usage system. A particularly interesting feature: state-of-the-art technology allows occupancy frequency to be assessed and adjusted to make it as effective as possible. The technology is rounded off by conceptual meeting furniture, which is functional and yet still makes a design statement.

There is also added value for ALSO partners!

Who offers meeting room equipment as a complete package? That’s right - hardly anyone! This portfolio upgrade is sure to increase the trust of new and existing customers in their reseller. Depending on capacities and expertise, the service share in this area is comparatively high due to the different components involved. This means both sides can score points: a win-win situation!

Support par excellence: when it comes to advice, training and installation, ALSO partners can rely 100% on their ALSO Solutions Business Manager. The service also includes monitoring and support for the installed systems. Two areas of real added value, especially when so many devices are being used.

Everyone likes upgrades – use your ALSO partner status to offer your customers meeting rooms that suit them perfectly!

Let’s find an individual solution together!

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