Security Awareness

The solution in a nutshell: The ALSO Security Awareness solution supplements physical security measures and focuses on what is probably the most critical security factor of all: people.

Security Awareness

The end customer profile

Target segment: cross-industry

Target group: companies with particularly sensitive data, including insurance companies, banks, lawyers, tax consultants, and many others.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

  • Vendors: Kaspersky, Sophos, Mimecast, ALSO
  • Products: ASAP, Phish Threat, Kips, Cito, Escape Room, Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Services: Presales and consulting.

Value added

  • Technical security measure support for 360° security
  • Training courses can be flexibly integrated into everyday business
  • Comprehensive evaluations show learning achievements and possible starting points for more in-depth training.

Security Awareness

Possible applications

When technology reaches its limits, what is left is common sense. To use this in the best way possible, a little training is often needed here and there. And that’s not a bad thing - it’s necessary. If, for example, only three out of the 50 employees in a bank are unaware of the damage they could cause by using their work devices for private purposes, there is an urgent need to take action. As a reseller, you can offer this straight away through tailored training concepts with our security awareness solution.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?


Management can rely on seamless operation and feel certain that both their corporate data and public image are safe.

Data protection officers

Data protection officers can prevent GDPR incidents that have to be reported.

IT management

The IT management benefits from increased security, with little use of its resources. Conversely, there is a larger HR budget available for awareness training.


Employees have better levels of awareness and peace of mind when dealing with suspicious activities.

The ALSO Security Awareness Solution in detail

The first e-mail was sent in germany 35 years ago. Although that was a long time ago, the security risks have by no means been eradicated. Why? Because of the “human factor”! This was certainly one of the security buzzwords of 2019. A term that is increasingly coming under the umbrella of the human factor is “security awareness”. And it’s about time, because attacks are not only restricted to e-mail!

Companies are often armed to the teeth against cyberattacks and risks. But only with technological solutions. On the one hand, this is good and necessary, of course. But what is too often forgotten is the people sitting in front of the screens who are cheerfully downloading things or sharing usb sticks. This is where even the most sophisticated security infrastructure reaches breaking point.

Security Awareness

The solution is security awareness and we wouldn’t be the solutions business team if we didn’t have an ace up our sleeve! With six different solution modules, we create concepts for uniform corporate training with the aim of bringing about a functioning cybersecurity culture.

For a better overview, we have assigned the different solution elements to “company segments” with the accompanying levels of knowledge. This means you are always able to choose to use other combinations. Together with you and tailored to your unique situation, we figure out which of the modules are relevant and useful to you and your customers.

ALSO Security Escape Room

  • Live hacking experience with no specialist knowledge required; ideal introduction to the topic.
  • Heightens knowledge of what not to do in IT security.


Kaspersky kips strategy workshop

  • Simulates the effects of management decisions on IT measures
  • Increases understanding of effects and measures.

ALSO: ASAP, Phish Threat, Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

IT employees

Kaspersky CITO Interaktives Training

  • Trains it staff with a focus on initial countermeasures in the event of a security incident
  • Modular structure with theoretical and practical exercises.

ALSO: KIPS, ASAP, Phish Threat, Cybersecurity Awareness Training.


Kaspersky, ASAP, Sophos Phish Threat, Mimecast, Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Basic awareness management
  • Phishing and attack simulations
  • Understandable training, courses, reports, analyses.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

The Security Awareness Solution from ALSO sees employees sensitised and trained so that each and every one of them can fight against external cyberattacks – and all without incurring high costs. And it goes without saying that the whole thing is also in line with the GDPR and ISO 27001 certification.

Value added for ALSO partners

As is so often the case with our ALSO Solutions Business solutions, you also have the opportunity to act as a Managed Service Provider and therefore to enjoy even more advantages. During operation, you can shine with joint reviews and the associated technical optimisation measures or arrange additional information events with live demos on the topic of security awareness.

In any case, you can count on our full support:

  • We provide you with test licences for the respective vendor platforms
  • We support you at customer events like KIPS
  • We provide assistance with communication packages
  • We provide you with a Presales Consultant
  • We take care of webcasts for your customers
  • On request, we can provide registration and participant data.

Have we already caught your eye?

It’s time to make your customers aware, too. Because let’s be honest, fewer security incidents in your customer’s company mean you can concentrate more on the essentials. For more information:

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