Modern Time Recording

The solution in a nutshell: True to the motto “forward-thinking pays off”, the new ALSO time recording solution offers the perfect approach to dealing with the European Court of Justice ruling of 14th may 2019 that requires full time recording by employers.

The end customer profile

Target segment: cross-industry.

Target group: cross-industry.

Behind the scenes

Solution components

Vendors: Reinersct, Timeclock365,, ALSO

Products: Timecard, Timeclock365, M-zeit, ACMP

Services: Consultation, Installation, Support, Managed Service, Interface Programming.

Value added

  • Compliance with the legal requirements for time recording with minimal effort
  • Seamless work records thanks to optimal time and planning transparency
  • Clear holiday, shift and absence planning included.

Possible applications

Regardless of the industry and number of employees, it will be mandatory to document the individual working hours of each and every employee precisely. There are digital solutions to ensure this does not end in a flood of documents and resultant assessment overload. The ALSO time recording solution adapts to any size of company. Online, via an app or with the help of a transponder on a terminal – recording is not only easy but also extremely flexible and therefore suitable for any requirements. With this solution, office complexes are as well supplied as production sites, workshops or home offices.

Who will benefit from this solution and how?

Managing directors are able to ensure compliance with legal requirements quickly and easily.

HR managers benefit from less administrative effort thanks to the 100% digital solution.

IT managers get a ready-made solution that has a positive impact on the other workflows thanks to the low operating costs.

The ALSO time recording solution in detail

If you want to record working hours reliably and clearly, and also unburden employees in various areas, the ALSO time recording solution is the ideal addition to your day-to-day business. Depending on requirements, it is even possible to map individual projects and holiday administration using this solution. Workflow optimisation is of course also included! Additional value added comes in the form of the automated export of data to payroll accounting and management of flexible working time profiles.

Using this solution, customers from every industry are able to react to the future requirement to record all employee working hours at an early stage and to arm themselves quickly, easily and in accordance with the law.

The scalability and expandability of the ALSO time recording solution, e.g. through optimal access controls or real time alarms, makes the decision to use it all the easier. Optional billing on a monthly basis is also a very attractive feature, depending on your requirements and tailored solution design, and rounds off the offer. The customer ultimately decides whether they opt for the cloud or local installation.

How does the end customer benefit from this solution?

The new, exclusively digital recording of working hours in a central system eliminates a lot of work that was often just waiting to be optimised. Targeted time recording at a project level helps to improve the efficiency of the entire company. The various evaluation possibilities offered by the ALSO time recording solution also allow the customer to keep an eye on the most important key figures at all times. Not only does the management have an overview of working hours, the employees themselves do too. The latter can use the selected product to ask for leave, which is then approved using the defined workflows. This solution runs like clockwork for everyone!

Value added for ALSO partners

Use this solution to show that you are in a strong position for the future, quick to act and, above all, that you are forward-thinking! The subject of time recording has enormous market potential because the services that can be offered alongside it are varied. With the ALSO time recording solution you can also strengthen your position as a 360° solution provider in the long-term. The services that you can use to further impress your customers range from advice regarding legislation to feasibility analysis, concept development and implementation through to introductory training, as well as support and maintenance for the solution. Simple sales are a thing of the past. Stay competitive using the managed services concept!

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